College days #college_time

This is the heartthrob story this story is mine it includes all








#chasing dream and passion




#magical time


This is true for everyone who has enjoyed their life with full of him as when it Starts and ends!!! We Never realise as per the days passing through throughout we started at a same level and ends not what we want to become just what we are able to follow through it!!!

  • It’s our first year and our dazzling life starts new faces new persons and new me it was totally different from now my behaviour was totally opposite a guy with different opinions #rush attitute and no dreams inside that’s what I am 1st year I have enemies more than friends so always I annoy everyone and always frightened with most of the peoples I have got 3 of the beautiful friends in my life out of them now also 2 are my bestest one too !
  • As per my behaviour all are agaist then also the same behaviour continue and I have changed the class due to many bad and odd condition arrises and from changing the section I found one group and I think I have found it complete but trust me a group only for show off is like a group of persons who hurt each other by passing the jokes or making the other person’s joke and in which some of them are my schoolmate now I was learning that you have to face everything but don’t take anyone seriously what important is in your life just concentrate as per you believe if things were going according to you then there is no work for you to do it and that was worst according to me and due to this I have lost many persons in my life …. As it flows down and that year complete too but as an acception now I was growing up and change my attitute from inside with patience and emotional control with convention ways and now It feels like many friends but incomplete too that’s human nature that you have some one in your life whom you want to be your life partner that year also completed what is going on where is my life going on #what is my passion all possible question arrises in my life @@@
  • This year my life was started changing and I have many things to do now and my first real reason of changing I was uncomfortable with some situations and people that I have changed and remember that not all are good and all are bad what good and desired qualities they all have you have to learn from it and manage with it !!! Now if I wasnt talk about my crush I also realise that one sided is not the love it’s crush and she had also have some dreams to pursue so i make them as my friends and now she is one of the good friend of mine !! Now from my old class I have found a person I realise that she is the one and she was change me fully she turn my other and beautiful side #she accepted what I am who I am and accepted me in which position i am she accepted I know you had a question how then the real answer is she made me realize about my behaviour, my attitute, respect the other ones as well how to make others happy and be happy this is not it !!! She have that confidence to pick my hand and take her hand to my hand and he is mine !!! Now all pranks , my annoying attitute , madness and all anger inside turns into a limit and changed into love and passion then all fights, care , unconditional events and mistakes get remind me to know tmhow to be stable in life I have came to know only about her but make realise what I am now she help me to over came now it helps alot now last year was going on and everything was going up and down but actually trust and believe made me comfortable to myself with an dream inside to pursue my passion
  • #Advice : if you are in a relationship remember trust and believe is the medicine , don’t put your nose in each other’s life give them space and have your space too
  • #if you don’t have the dreams and passion in your life then it is waste no body can be spend more with you because they have theirs to persue
  • Live your life like a heartthrob that every beat in your life made for you
  • Be mad be patient be calm be everything but be mature enough to handle not each and every thing but what you can handle to solve it
  • Find solutions and take your time each and everything has solutions !! Of it won’t then there is no question!
  • Don’t get attracted and affectionated toward your past so it destroys your worth beautiful future
  • Friendship is beautiful and rare !!!

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