Move On!!  Move On!! 


First love: Beautiful concept by god, nobody Can denote it Because it wasn’t a concept which can be written in diaries, books, Novels and we understands it!. While Until we feel and experience it we wont understand it. Everything is pleasures, adorable in love.. But sometimes due to somereasons might be anything like

  • CheatingCheating
  • Relationship went wrong
  • Uninteresting
  • Lie
  • Fighting
  • Distance
  • Sex
  • Whatever may be but

Then your tough face starts in only some cases  Br Breakup… The heart breaking word sounds like bull shit. 

Breakup the most tought part people be like, everything gone wrong, why she/he left me. You will cry, fall down mentally and physically, nothing will attract you, you wanted to be alone, less intraction ., but wait yaar guys everthing when you did it and now when you know that nothing left to go through it and you wont go back. Just move on move on!!
Move on: the best phase in life after a breakup what you have decided. Now what you have gone theough is the biggest chapter of your life. Believe me guys –
  • Dont take revenge
  • Dont stock them
  • Interfere in your ex life 
  • Go back in their life to cheat and theaten them for any chapter

This will wont give you pleasure just pray for them and move on if you believe in karma life will give them a wonderful lesson!! 

Move on!! Move on!!: you know what you have enough time to begin and start something new!! If you feel everthing is finished noo now the adventure starts. You are single now its your happiness time you are free: just you have to do is give your energy to a right track and right place dont find it just make it right! It will resolve everything. Just go with your old friends, chill out, it was the best stage you are ready for some new
  • Challanges
  • Changes
  • Oppurtunities
  • Old you before relation
  • Dont change yourself you are the best

BOSS move on doesnt mean that go for someone new but take and hold a mindset than go with it when it again happens you have a mindset and remember choose the one who respect you,  adore you, respect you,  and respect your decisions and humour too dont go with face but heart too.

Just go  to your old friends and best friends  home without knocking it and chill it and talk with them who are important for you they will show you nothing is change because they know your real worth and spend some time with them. 

  • Move on is like a child who insisted on surplus on anything that wasnt belongs to him and when he grew up by maturity and know thats not mine is MOVE ON SO DONT BE A CHILD SMART ENOUGH TO FACE REJECTIONS AND WORK HARDER AND MOVON





11 thoughts on “Move On!!  Move On!! 

    1. Thanks whenever any reader reads.. It give me a pleasure.. Hatred is for what we cant so we can do nothing we can only give advice they have to understand it!! Thanks for your wonderful feedback!!😊😊😊💞


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