Some times our past is just like a nightmare totally worst and haunted you know what is true daring  thing but you survived and stay…..

Past is not like a betrayed bad book its not always what we think and what happens its like everything true ..  Everything what it does it’s just did it for a good reason

Each chapter can give expertise  you how you look yourself… Dont give a reason for what happens is just bad you can make a better benchmark by realise whats now thats better called ” My full life” was left to go through it only a dare to accept was the biggest truth

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. Just do it… Its only the person who knows the price of yesterday and dare to accept today will only stand for tommorow and give 100% to life
PAST has nothing to do with it its already gone…. Widely trust and move on…………. 


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