Journey or destiny

Life is like a journey



Travelling is a part of not reaching to a end point…. 

If you believe in magic travel and feel each and every moment

Feel each and every moment where you reach… 

You will be happy enough while on a journey NOT REACHING TO AN ENDPOINT….. 

The things are being beautiful who was a part of our journey who teach us,  comfort us, believe us, proud to be have us,   which shades me inside more stronger….  

Travel not to each and every point of earth,  but those i have travel I make it best….

Dont wanted to stay or look backward wanted to MOVE FORWARD EACH STEPS

Doing is more often than outcomes  EVOLVING MYSELF TILL LAST…….. 


5 thoughts on “Journey or destiny

      1. I wad very much exited for everything and whats next i have to get started… What about you from i have watching you from some days you are not fine naa thats only i think buddie🙌🙌🙌


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