Some times the importance of a person you know when they leaves 
Instead when they are with you you never knew

You enjoyed with them

 You chill out with them

Without express yourself they understand you 

They wont market your emotions

They respect you

Respect them who respect you

Importance them who make you feel important

However you are addict of them

Some addition is really helpful…. loving 

When they shows how you you are but perfect

Encourage you to make you are

True things addict forever

True ones love forever

Express you are not a remote control

They are more than 1000 enough to be the one

They are only the one

One to us

They arent be tagged with a sign of importance

Good ones wouldnt come with a tag

You tagged them

Dont find importance somewhere

When its here

Its a longlasting smell of perfume lasts forever

They know how to feel you comfort and makes you comfort….

take the step before they or you leave 

There nothing be happen only they make you not to be change …..

While relations,  friendship smells forever….



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