• Its not a movie…
  • Its not a film
  • Its his life here to begin
  • Well the days of life
  • Where no inspiration
  • No desire to do something even no smile on his face
  • When someone knocks the doors and enter’s his life
  • Then he see she starts walking towards his life
  • Her way to look life is different from mine
  • When he thinks about his past
  • She tells look towards future what is past
  • Its her way to see the thinks that never done yesterday do it today
  • She is the inspiration of tommorow
  • She is an motivation to be follow
  • Her footsteps is different from other
  • Just He want to follow her
  • When he was watching a dream in the night
  • Its a nightmare
  • When he needs a day
  • Just a light came
  • It twinkles a day began well i am there just calm and smile
  • When he compare his footprints 
  • His footprints is gaint
  • She says look at mine
  • When you see any footprints
  • You just hold and flashes tight you will always reminds my footprints
  • Just foget everytime of sorrow and follow each and every happy moment in your life
  • When you see any sorrow juat follow footprints of mine

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