Some photographers in the word press and some of my lovely friends inspire me to write about a beautiful topic #photography

photo graphy I learn that it is the way to create ourself its an another way and world some of them its a life and not for the best and create,enjoy some moments ….photo graphy is a creative work not every person is capable a thinking of a photographer their world wow they have a different capaticy to do timing and learning its not easy but rather than them they can capture moments while i see some of them in wedding anniversery they are the one who capture ITS A ANOTHER DIMENSION

  • and while when we think about that moments great its quiet to see the feelings we cannot explian that moments today its a lovely prossion and a quiet lovely they know that nothing is impossible truely cool profession here when i see some of the photographs love it and see that its not a journey to achive its a journey to a new destination undoubtedly 
  • .

THESE FLEETING MOMENTS DEFINES US EXPERIENCE IN OUR LIFe. Moments in time that are ephemeral and transient. these moments touch us and remain in our hearts. Moments that pass before our helpless eyes and escape our grasping desire to possess them.

Marcel Duchamp said anything can be art. Many people believe art is about form and content. Form referring to the elements of art, such as line, shape, colour. Content referring to the artist’s intention or message. Many contemporary artists embrace art as concept—the idea is more important than the work of art. For many, something is art if it embodies beauty or the sublime. Most people would agree thatart is sketching, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, and mixed media. Inrecent years, the Art world has embraced photography as a medium that people can use to create works of art.

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