parents neither a word or sentence or anything that convey we can not describe it they are real god

FROM OUR BIRTH THEY ARE THE FIRST WHO UNCODITIONALLY ONE WHO HAPPY WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY THEY SAD WHEN YOU ARE SAD THEY HELP YOU WHETHER YOU EXPECT OR NOT THEY ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE YOU HAPPY THEY ALWAYS LOVE YOU WHETHER OF WHICH COLOR YOU ARE THEY ACCEPT YOU WITH ALL YOUR imperfections its uncoditional naa whether you are imperfect for anybody but for a parent you are perfect ...A Trustvwhether anybody can do it or not but they know you are 

  • A moivation they motivate you whether you are incapable also they help in your needs
  • they sacrife their life totally in you your mother your father sacrifce their life for you 
  • our life is nothing without them if ee are in fear they are with you 
  • for our betterment they sacrifice theirself

      Parents are the children very first teachers at the beginning of life. Parents teach children how to crawl, speak, walk, run and etc. It isundeniable that parents are the best teachers in term of commitment and emotional support

      • They are the real god which only you got once because they arent be artifical and you cannot find it once you lose you will not be able to find it ……..AND IF ANYTHING WAS REAL IN THIS WORLD MADE WITH 100%PURE THEY ARE PARENTS AND THIS FEELING COMES FROM INSIDE OF YOUR HEART RESPECT IT. NO BODY LOVES AND CARE YOU MORE THEN THEM……

      11 thoughts on “UNCODITIONAL LOVE

      1. Beautiful post
        Powerful and inspiring
        Couldn’t off said it better myself
        I dint know where I would be without my daughter
        She has taught me so much
        As I have to her
        It’s been an experience of a life time
        A cushion for old age
        Just great
        As always Sheldon

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      2. When people speak of “God” as being judgemental and question how a god could love even the worst humans I always say that we are as God to our children and would we love our child any less for its failings? No. We love uncondtionally if we are truly whole.

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